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  The learning style in our current education system has been reformed in response to a rapid change of the technology and communication techniques. e-learning has been demanded as a new source of acquired knowledge. To acquire e-learning doesn’t mean that we are going to discourage the existing traditional learning means. In other words, teachers can enhance their teaching skills to inspire their students by materializing some up-to-date information during the course of their daily learning session.
e-book will be one of the supplementary teaching tools for teachers to inspire students to have a better understandings of the subjects. Those teachers can prepare some custom-made teaching material to the class. In fact, there are some other important benefits of e-book learning as follows:

  1. e-book is one of the environmental friendly learning and educational aids.
  2. Teachers can make use of this flexible medium on their teaching material.
  3. Students will not have to carry too many different textbooks to school to reduce the risk of student body health

  On the other hand, we understand that most teachers, however, have limited someability to demonstrate how to construct or design their own teaching material to achieve their ultimate teaching objectives for each topics of the subject or how to deliver the message clearly to communicate with their students. In fact, it may occupy teachers a lot of times to prepare such custom-made teaching material and such extra time demand will additionally be heavy up their regular stressful teaching hours.

I Character is a well-experienced and award-winning company. For the past five years, we have been participating into different e-learning projects and animation production organized by LEAP, the Harmony House Limited and the fire service department of Hong Kong (FSD). We have demonstrated our ability to help teachers to organize their presentation and teaching material by leveraging our distinguishing power of character design to bring in the synergy between education sector and creative industry.
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