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  One of our business objectives is to deliver high quality creative works and designs for our clients. We would like to share our successful experience and our astonishing creative works to those future teenagers and students who are interested to develop their creative senses and careers in the creative industry. We hope they would be inspired by our creative works and our successful business cases and our 360 degree training courses. We also believe that those well-trained teenagers and students will be the future assets for Hong Kong to be named as “the city of innovation”. In the meantime, the general public in Hong Kong have been fully aware of the new alternation of our education system which the EBD (the education Bureau in HK) is going to launch the 3+3+4" academic structure reform proposal. One of the suggestions in the proposal is to arouse the teenagers’ creative sense and innovative interests. In response to this policy idea, I Character have prepared and invited some well-experienced instructors who are willing to share their up-to- dated experience to those potential learners.

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